The Best Makeup Advice I have Ever Gotten Was From a Man!

Jeffree Star

“Who is Jeffree Star?” was the first question I asked my daughter when she asked me to watch one of his YouTube videos. She responded that Jeffree was an influencer in the beauty industry. The next question I posed was, “What is an influencer?” An influencer is someone in on social media with knowledge in an industry (in this case, it is the beauty industry). My daughter informed me in the case of Jeffree Star, he tries beauty products out and tells his audience precisely what he thinks of the products good or bad. This spiked my interest.

My daughter first introduced me to Jeffree by having me watch a tour of his Pink Closet. My first impression of Jeffree was good Lord this man is BEAUTIFUL, and I want his closet! Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, to name a few. After watching the video, I was curious to view more of him.

The next video I watched with my daughter was one of his tutorials on make-up application. What impressed me the most was creating stunning looks from beauty products purchased at places like TJ Maxx and of all stores The Dollar Tree!

Another bonus that Jeffree does is that he reviews products as well. He gives reviews of products from top-shelf products such as those found at beauty counters in big department stores to those found at the dollar store.

The man not only reviews products and shows tutorials. He also has a product line that not only can be found online but can be found at Ulta stores.

What I have learned

When I became a teen for my birthday, I got a Merle Norman gift certificate to learn about how to apply to make up. After watching Jeffree, I learned that I have been doing it all wrong. I learned about the importance of using a primer before applying the foundation and the importance of a setting spray. It has been amazing. My problem with my make up is that it never stays. I always look washed out after 6 hours, but after following some of his tips and tricks, my make up can remain intact for 8 plus hours with just a couple of touch-ups.

I have also taken his advice on applying eye shadow, giving my eyes a dramatic look. However, I do tone down the amount of color that I use. I recommend checking out this influencer. After watching him once, I am hooked and you will be too!

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