Why Settle for Boring When You can make it POP!

Decoupaging boring switch plates with fabric or paper
Decoupaging boring switch plates with fabric or paper

When I was a newlywed and most often broke, I needed to come up with ways to decorate my home on a budget. Being a Crafter, one of a Crafter’s staples next to your handy dandy glue gun is Mod Podge. If you have a jar of Mod Podge, you can do anything.

One day as I was feeding my Pinterest addiction pinning anything and everything that I wanted to do or attempt to do. I came across a pin that someone else did the very thing that I did to all my switch plates in my home when I was a newlywed. The title was “I Love to Create”: Fabric Covered Light Switch Plates.

As I delved deeper into this topic of covering those boring beige or white plates, I found more mediums to use that I never considered when I did them in the past. I have seen instructions for recycling cereal boxes utilizing the image of the character for children’s rooms and the nature-themed rooms like the bathroom using twigs and seashells.

The individual who had posted the pin stated that she and a friend even used catalogs, magazines, and even comic books to transform those hideous and annoying plate covers. Also though the pin is from 2009, the technique can stand the test of time, especially as crafters think of new mediums to use besides paper, fabric, or contact paper.

Applying fabric with Mod Podge to a light switch plate

Why stop with just the light switch or outlet covers expand the theme. You can take a cheap battery operated the clock and transform that as well to go with the light switch and outlet covers. This pin is a perfect way to transform any room and beyond on a budget.

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