How Did you become So Creative

Creativity. Some people are born with it. There are some like myself, it is acquired through eating paste as a child. That is usually my response when I’m asked: ” How did you become so creative?” Seriously I attribute my creativity to spending over ten years participating in 4H, being broke, and boredom.

What did 4H teach me?

It all began with my mother talking with a neighbor whose daughter was in a 4H group. My mother then contacted the group leader and got me into the group. The first thing I wanted to learn to do was crochet. I wanted to learn how to do this first because I learned how to do the chain stitch (base stitch) from an elderly lady who lived next door to my grandparents. A creative genius was born. As I grew up in the 4H community, I learned to work with different mediums.

Being Broke

When I first got married, we didn’t have much of anything, but we could afford cable. Oh, the ideas that birthed with channels like HGTV and the DIY channels. These channels demonstrated some excellent ideas with programs like Decorating Cents and Trash to Treasure. Of course, these shows are no longer on HGTV. These shows demonstrated simple ways to repurpose things that you’d throw out without a second thought. My husband cringed every time I returned home after dumpster diving.


What do you do when you get bored? For me, it’s an easy fix; it’s called Pinterest. Pinterest is chock full of ideas to not only relieve boredom but made my husband cringe and roll his eyes. Thirty-plus boards with topics ranging from cooking ideas, recipes, and hacks to DIY decor. There is never a dull minute when I begin to get that hint of becoming bored. I have had tremendous success with the different projects I have also found the most shocking yet funny failures.

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