The App that I Can’t Live Without

Amazon Kindle App

The one Mobile App that I can not live without is my Kindle App for Android. I have this App not only on my phone but on both my tablets as well. Kindle is a reading app that was developed by Amazon’s book division. 

What can the Kindle App Do?

The Kindle App allows you to download and read anything from Magazines to textbooks. The best thing is that you are not limited to reading your book selection; you can also opt for the audible App to accompany the book. The audible App is a feature that has either celebrities or the author read the book. Audible is excellent if you want to listen to the text on your commute to work or a long trip. I have not utilized this feature but know people who do, and they love it. At this time, the audible feature is not yet available to textbooks or magazines

How do I find books to read?

You can find Kindle books on Amazon. You have a choice either you can purchase the eBook or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. Books on Amazon start at free, and the price goes up from there, depending on the book. The average novel is approximately $4.99, that includes new releases and best sellers. The Kindle Unlimited subscription is $9.99 per month and allows you to download up to ten books per month from a massive selection of books and magazines of all genres. What I prefer to do is subscribe to The Fussy Librarian. The Fussy Librarian sends you daily emails of free Amazon book downloads.

I like using my kindle app in the Kitchen when I’m cooking. All I do is open up my downloaded recipe book and go from there. It’s convenient because there is no bulky cookbook taking up counter space. From my Kindle library, I can select a craft book and keep my tablet or phone nearby to follow the directions again; this saves on space.

Whether you primarily use a phone or tablet, the Kindle App is a great way to read on the go. The Kindle app keeps a library of all your downloads so you can read any book any time or anywhere.

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