It’s Almost Here! Let’s Bust Some Black Friday Myths

Thanksgiving is almost here, and what goes with this holiday? Black Friday sales. There is so much hype about Black Friday, but the question remains what they say about Black Friday true? With the help from 5 Black Friday Myths That Are Straight-Up Lies, let’s bust some of those myths.

Myth: Coupons are not honored on Black Friday.
Fact: Coupons can be used on Black Friday, in fact, some stores let you stack coupons.
Myth: Stores do not price match on Black Friday.
Fact: Instead of shopping at the store where the item is on sale. Take the ad and go to another retailer offering the same product.
Myth: Doorbusters are reserved only for the first 10 people
Fact: Skip the crowds, because some stores like Kohls and Target offer their Doorbusters online.
Myth: Black Friday is the best time of year to buy everything.
Fact: This is false. Many times stores have better sales on certain products during the year than on Black Friday.

Black Friday is just around the corner, and we can still take advantage of the Doorbusters and super sales. We can do this either before online or even venturing out to stores after the rush is over.

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