Save Money? Let’s Go Shopping!

The one thing that our parents and as parents, we tell our children is, ” Be good and save your money.” But that’s no fun! Is there a way that we can do both? Of course, there is it’s called Thrifting. Thrifting is a godsend to those who are supposed to be saving their money.

Oh, the deals you will find!

There is nothing like saying JACKPOT when you find that Michael Kors purse or those Coach shoes at a mere $20.00 or $30.00. Or better yet finding that one of a kind sweater at a Consignment shop! So, what if it’s a little worn, in some cases the tags are still on it.


You found that deal of the century now you have to rationalize the purchase. Well, that’s easy! Do the math. If you went to the high-end store and purchased the Michael Kors purse, the average price is between $150 – $250, and if you find it for only $20 or even $50 you’ve saved at the bare minimum of $100! 

Emoticon with a pleasing expression

Emoticon with a pleasing expression

Where do I find these incredible deals?

Thrift stores are the perfect place to satisfy that designer’s craving. According to Money Crashers, the best thrift stores are Goodwill, St Vincent De Paul, and Salvation Army. There is one thing to remember is the location. If you are going to do some serious thrifting, I suggest going to one of these establishments in a bigger city like Milwaukee, Chicago, Green Bay and etc. Bigger cities have more people with money to spend and donate barely used belongings to charitable organizations.

Next time: Ways to get those fabulous finds in the house without your husband finding out.

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