A Question of Age

It was a warm spring day when he picked her up from work. Pulling out of the parking lot, he inquired. “What do you feel like for dinner?”

“Surprise me, “she replied. Knowing this meant they would probably end up at their favorite restaurant. 

Although they had been dating for only six months, there was a connection that they shared that was both humorous and eerie at the same time. For example, whenever they went shopping, people would comment on their dialogs, stating that they HAD to be married, the couple would just giggle at the mere thought of being married. At times they would scare themselves when one would finish the other’s sentences. Though they discussed almost everything, the one thing that never entered their conversation was age. That was until that warm spring day.

Driving to their favorite restaurant, she opened the glove box and grabbed a cassette and popped it into the car stereo. Sounds of Jackie DeShannon singing “Put A Little Love in Your Heart” filled the car but neither notice because as usual, they were in one of their deep conversations. That was until the introduction of the next song began.

“I love this song!” they both cried to one another. 

She reached back into the glove box and retrieved the cassette box and began reading aloud about the song that they liked.

“Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and the Shondells” she stated went on to say “It was recorded in 1969, by the way, what were you doing in 1969?” 

Casually he replied, “I was going off to Vietnam, what about you?”

Without thinking, she stated, “I was going to Kindergarten.”

For the first time in their six months together, there was silence. It was in that silence that two brains were performing calculations of an age difference that they never talked about before. 

That was thirty-two years ago, and to this day my husband and I laugh about the day we learned the other’s age, and to this day Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and the Shondells has remained our favorite song.

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