Inspiration where can we find it

According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of the word Inspiration is ” a divine influence or action on a person.” But where can we find it? Can you believe that it can be found in just about anything we do? So, what gives YOU Inspiration? Here is a list of activities that inspire me, whether it be what kind of picture to paint or something as simple as to what to cook for dinner.

5 Things to do to find Inspiration

1). Take a Walk – It doesn’t matter if you live in a rural area, suburbs, or the city. As you walk, let your mind go. Look at what is around you the people you see, buildings along the way, or wild life you may encounter. People watching: Look at what they are wearing or the hairstyle that they may be sporting you could say hmm I’d like to try that, or if you desire to write make up a scenario of what their life is like. Buildings: What makes the architecture of that building unique or could that building or home be haunted or was some heinous crime committed there. Wildlife:: The colors of the flowers or the different hues of the birds this can spark Inspiration on your next painting project for your home or in my daughter’s case her next hair color.

2). Listening to music. Whether it be Tchaikovsky or the latest by any modern-day group. Lie down on the couch or relax in a recliner close your eyes and let your mind go. Sometimes the best ideas from a new project you may want to try to something as simple as what to make for dinner.

3). Whatcha DIY shows There is a warning with this one. I have become so inspired that one time I decided to repaint the bathroom, including the wooden accessories! My husband came home from work to find the bathroom green with bright lime green on all the wooden fixtures. Needless to say, I eventually replaced the accessories. DIY shows can give you ideas on recycling things that you already have as breathing new life in outdated drab rooms with little tweaks here and there.

4).Journaling. This is something relatively new to me. I was visiting Barnes and Noble one day and came across a book titled ” Creative Writer’s Notebook 20 Great Authors & 70 Writing Exercises” by John Gillard and published by Metro Books. The album features different writers and genres from Virginia Wolf to Stephen King. The writers talk about what inspires their stories, like in the case of Stephen King before he sits down to write, he asks the question “What if …?” He had asked the problem, “What if Vampires infested a small town? The answer to this question ended up being Salem’s Lot. My favorite exercise is to take a newspaper or magazine and look for a proper noun and create a town, describe it and who are the people that live there, for example, a newspaper article listed Bernard Sherman… So I took the last name of Sherman and wrote about a town that mirrored the city that I grew up in.

5). Take a Bath. Nothing says relaxation as a nice hot bath and add a glass of wine with it. As you relax, let your mind go. Inspiration will come to you. From what you will wear the following day to a new project you may want to try.

These are just a few things that can bring about Inspiration that can motivate you to create something new or how to plan your next day. Inspiration can come to you in so many ways from the little things that you can do for yourself.

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